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Advantages of the No Contact Rule After a Break-Up

You can enjoy being in a relationship until it becomes your worst nightmare. You will love the amount of love you will be getting from your partner when you are still in a honeymoon stage. Some relationships will break due to the many challenges that come with it while some will grow through them. Some couples choose a break up when things won’t too positive in the relationship. You can either decide to use the no contact rule or continue being friends. Here are some of the benefits of the no contact rule.

You will be able to give yourself time to grieve through the no contact rule. A break up is; losing a partner you have shared allot with. Of course when you lose someone you will have to grieve that person. There is a lot of humiliation, anger, depression, and anxiety that comes as a result of a breakup. It is very important to mourn the loss of your ex. This is something that you cannot achieve when the person is close to you. Deciding to stay away from each other will give you the time to grieve your loss.

You will be able to be yourself if you implement the no contact rule. When in a relationship you tend to lose yourself and be someone else to please your partner. Some aspects of your life such as your hobbies, your strengths and weakness tend to be forgotten. Ending the relationship or marriage will make you want to be who you are. You can only achieve this by staying away from your ex since you will have the desire to make yourself happy. You will be distracted if you keep into contact with your ex.

You will remember what your life used to be before you got into the relationship. After a break up you will have to go back to what your life used to be before you met the person. You will need time away from the person to snatch out of the plans you made together and get back to your life.

The no contact rule helps you get your power back. When you break up you lose your power on your emotions and get back with your ex because of what you used to share. It is important to keep yourself from going back to the relationship just because your ex wants back. You can easily fall into the trap if you are still into contact with each other. The advantages above are what you gain when you decide to stay out of contact after a relationship ends.
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