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The Things That Cause Marriage Traveler Experience Destruction

Husband and wife’s life in marriage is like teamwork. Husband and wife must help each other and support each other. If one starts to be selfish and let his partner, then the marriage will be lame. When a husband who likes to travel, then it is fathers rights oklahoma to be respected by his partner. With a note, the obligation of the husband has been fulfilled, of course.

If conditions continue to occur, it is quite possible that the marriage will end in divorce. Then, what are the things that can trigger divorce? Here are some things that can damage marriage.

1. Physical versus Chemistry’s Interest

Today, many men and women are more concerned with ‘physical attraction’ than ’emotional connection’ to their partners. This causes chemistry between them and their partners to diminish and causes marriage to end in failure.

2. Cannot Receive Differences

Everyone has their own background. So is your husband or wife. They come from different families, who may have different ways, habits, and culture with you. If you cannot accept these differences and tend to impose your way on your partner, this can make your marriage in trouble.

3. Lack of Trust and Communication

Husbands or wives sometimes don’t tell their partners what they want, what they need, what they feel, and so on. They actually assume, the couple should understand them without being told. Lack of communication can have an impact on lack of trust, and that will make marital problems worse.

4. Social Tradition

Many married women continue to work. Whether because they are too busy working or because they are tired and don’t have enough time, they are finally reluctant to do housework. On the other hand, the community still holds the tradition that requires a wife to still be able to take care of the household even as busy as anything.

5. Intervention of Parents

Marriage counselors say that household problems can get worse if the parents of the wife and husband intervene. According to traditional teachings, married couples must consult with their parents to solve each problem. However, it can actually make the problem more complicated.

6. Selfishness

Problems will arise if you or your partner is more concerned with self-interest rather than mutual interests. Selfishness can stretch the bond between you and your partner.

7. Impatient

Impatience can lead to fights. Often, a married couple does not want to budge, apologize, and admit their mistakes, which of course can make matters worse.

8. Reluctant to Consult

When experiencing problems in the household, it is advisable to consult a marriage counselor. Marriage counselors can help clarify problems and find solutions. Unfortunately, not many have followed this suggestion so that the problem is not resolved.

Couples who have had a relationship for quite a long time will definitely experience boredom and tastelessness. You need to be careful with these conditions. Because, if left unchecked, it can have a negative impact on your relationship.


The conclusion is try to refresh the relationship, one of which is by creating romantic things. However, for some couples, creating romantic relationships may be difficult to realize.

The reasons are very diverse. Some feel embarrassed and some feel they don’t have enough time or even money to create a romantic atmosphere with their partners. If you don’t have the chance to honeymoon back or just buy a bunch of flowers for your lover, don’t worry.