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Terrace Plaza Hotel: Really should Cincinnati protect it

Cincinnati’s town organizing commission Friday voted 6-1 against recommending the Terrace Plaza Hotel in downtown Cincinnati be declared a historic landmark. 

That recommendation places them at odds with the city’s Historic Conservation Board. Cincinnati City Council will have the final say.

The selection could participate in a huge position in the destiny of a crucial block just off Fountain Sq..   

Empty and decaying now, this 74-calendar year-aged developing was once an architectural marvel. Preservationists stated maintaining its imposing seven-tale wall of brick was important opponents of landmark status mentioned the creating wanted to be redeveloped swiftly, and incorporating any restrictions would hinder that.

Friday’s vote soon after a two-hour listening to arrived on the heels of a report unveiled Wednesday in which city planners spelled out why they do not imagine it really is suitable to designate the developing as a historic landmark.