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Getting Rid of Bed Bug Infestation

You have to know that the bed bugs are actually parasitic insects and they actually belong to the Cimex Lectularius family which are insects that feed on blood. The species is actually popular for a lot of names which include the redcoat, the mahogany flat as well as the crimson rambler. As what the name is suggesting, the bed bugs may be found in houses, especially beds as well as the other sleeping areas. They are certainly active at night and they would feed in their hosts and you won’t be able to notice them. Such insects are feeding mostly on humans. They are very attracted to the hosts through warmth and also carbon dioxide chemicals. The bed bug uses two feeding tubes to pierce the skin of the host and one would inject its saliva as well as the other works on withdrawing blood.

There are several health effects that you must know which come from the bed bugs like the skin rashes and such allergic symptoms but it can be very difficult to know their bites from other bites of insects. In general, their bites are often red with such darker red spots at the center which are arranged in a cluster and this is also itchy and such is commonly located on the neck, the face or the arms. There are also cases when the bites would cause severe itching. When this would happen, the oral antihistamines or those steroid creams can be applied so that you will be relieved while there are antibiotics that are utilized for secondary bacterial infections. But there are really cases wherein a person would experience severe skin reactions or such allergic reaction to the bites. Thus, it is necessary for you to see a doctor to have professional treatment.

If you like to know the methods on how you may eliminate the bed bugs, you should keep in mind that such is not an easy procedure at all. Because eliminating them is one hard task, you must seek the professionals for help to get this done. In choosing an exterminator, you need to select one who is in the industry for more than five years and one with a great background as well. You must also choose one who has been certified by the local officials too. If you would be working with the certified exterminators, you must spend 250 to 1000 dollars per room. Also, you must have a guarantee that all aggravating insects would be removed. Moreover, they would makeup follow-up inspections after months or weeks of hiring their services.

The bed bug treatment would also include extensive inspection of your home, especially your bedroom. There are various experts that would suggest deep cleaning including the removal of the bed frames and the furniture, having those infested surfaces scrubbed in order to get rid of the eggs as well as have such special covers for the beds or mattresses.

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