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The main function of a roof is protection but there are other functionalities that a roof provides. Drainage is the function of a roof which basically keeps out water. The wide area of a roof repels out most water and with the aid of gutters, water is channeled to either tanks or drained away. Channeling of water to tanks is mode of conservation thereby saving this scarce resource.

Flat roof types have a slight slope which is a problem in drainage purposes. An outer layer which is water proof and has drainage holes to stop water from pooling and seeping should be met by flat roofs. As for those in low rainfall zones they are known to be less sloped. Meaning that the more the snow the more steep the roof should be.

When a heavy storm occurs there is water that is usually repelled and is considered to be potentially harmful. When water starts seeping into the mortar or panels then rising damp may occur. The upward movement of water in the lower sections of walls and other grounded- supported structures by capillary action is known as rising damp. Each type of roof needs to look at the pros and cons of the roof. The advantages of metal roofs beats those of other convectional roofing materials.

The weight of metal roofs are light compared to other roofing materials making them easier to handle. Saving on engineering and building the support structure is made easier due to the weight of metals. Based on their weight, roof support members are able to be reduced eventually. The life span of metal roofs is not disappointing at all especially when installed properly as they lasts to about twenty to fifty years. The ability to seal put water, shed out snow and survive high winds then a roof is properly installed.

Some of the things that metal is resistant to is fire, mildew, rot and insect which is a known fact. A class A rating is classified for most metal roofs because of their fire resistance ability but individuals need to look at the overall classification depending on the material beneath.

Knowing the rating resulted upon application of a metal onto another material is meant by looking at the overall classification. The multiple shingle section or some inch wide panels are the forms in which metal roofs come in, enhancing the process of installation. Not only are labor costs saved but also the time duration shortened when experienced contractors are involved in the installation process of roofs. Metal roofs are good conductors of heat in that they reflect radiant heat from the sun minimizing the midday heat gain. The resultant effect is that one is able to save energy needed for air conditioning during the day.

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