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Amsterdam Museums You Have To Visit

When you go to Amsterdam, you have a lot of choices in what to do. Obviously, you have to walk along the beautiful canals and eat a real Dutch pancake. But did you know there are also a lot of museums in Amsterdam you can visit? The city is home to more than 60 museums, so there is a museum for every interest you may have. If you’re unsure which museum to pick, then this blog is for you. Read on to know the museums you have to visit when you are in Amsterdam, like Moco museum, Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank house.

Visit Moco Museum while in Amsterdam

Moco museum gets its name from the words ‘modern contemporary’, and this Amsterdam museum shows art from modern and contemporary artists like Mark Rothko, Banksy, and Yayoi Kusuma. It is a great tip for those who love modern art. They also have a lot of street art in their collection. The museum is situated on museumplein, which is a location where several Amsterdam museums are situated. Aside from this museum, you will find the Van Gogh museum, Stedelijk museum, and Rijksmuseum.

Other Amsterdam museums

Another Amsterdam museum you cannot miss out on is Rijksmuseum. This is the national museum of the Netherlands, showing Dutch history from the middle ages until the twentieth century. If you are a fan of Vincent van Gogh, then you should pay a visit to the Van Gogh museum. This museum is dedicated entirely to Van Gogh, who was born in the Netherlands. Here you will be able to see the famous potato eaters up close. There is an Amsterdam museum for every interest you might have; whether it is art, photography, film, or something else.

History museums in Amsterdam

If you are interested in history, then you should definitely check out the Anne Frank house while you’re visiting Amsterdam. This Amsterdam museum shows the place where Anne Frank and her family hid during the second world war in an impressive way. This is one of the reasons why the museum is so popular with tourists from all over the world. It can however get very busy. One tip when visiting Amsterdam museums is to book your tickets online in advance. You will see many long lines in front of museums in the city, and by booking your tickets in advance you will be able to skip these lines. Have you decided which Amsterdam museum you are going to visit yet?