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7 Tips for Traveling to the Marina Aquators

7 Tips for Traveling to the Marina Aquators

For travelers who like Jungle, this is not new information. Usually, they are very aware of this. Only, for the beginner Jungle mania traveler, just like the Jungle area because you are bored with the beach or mountain, then here are 7 things that must be understood and done when traveling to the Jungle Area. Jungle Tour in Cancun

1. Bring special medicines for the trip to the Jungle area

Always carry insect repellent, preferably the topical one. If there are residents who offer lodging in their homes, then if there, ask for mosquito nets. As you know, the Jungle area is a peat area, a kind of brackish that is a beautiful and suitable place for mosquitoes to breed. Also, bring medicine or other anti-sickness drugs if you easily experience motion sickness due to shock. Generally, the Jungle area is located in a coastal area that is far from the capital of the Regency, let alone the which must be reached by water travel 2-3 hours by water which must be reached by water vehicles such as speedboats where you will feel the sensation of shaking the speed boat that is powerful and fun. For more information on a Jungle Tour in Cancun

2. Bring books and a camera, Handycam

Because traveling on a jungle tour in the Cancun area is an adventure that needs to be recorded and documented. Either for yourself or for anyone who later needs it. Smartphones, if you want to take it, who knows there is a signal. In the jungle sometimes, signals rise and fall.

3. Be a custodian and conservationist of Jungle

When you’re there, you’re not just taking photos on the speedboat or taking selfies at sunset, you also have to do replanting if you find a lot of damaged and fallen trees. It’s easy, take a new Jungle plant that sprouts which usually grows carelessly under a bunch of Jungle trees, move it, and plant it on a rather empty land because many plants die or plant Jungle seeds, either Jungle or other types of fires whose seeds are like long pillars.

4. Become an ambassador for waste management

When you meet villages around protected areas, pay attention to how they dispose of their waste. Don’t get involved in littering, you have to be an example, giving education on waste management whenever possible. I found the plastic waste stuck in the tree in the protected area.

5. Prioritize the Jungle Area around you

No need for Jungle areas outside the region or abroad, prioritize Jungle areas in your area. Because traveling to Jungle is at the same time-saving Jungle for more information catamaran tour Isla Mujeres, about other tour offers, for example, the dolphin tour. When you are in a Jungle area and you see firsthand the condition, it will result in follow-up improvements, either by yourself while you are there or by the local government if you write your travel report/report to relevant stakeholders or local government.

6. Don’t forget to take care of the permit

Because Jungle areas are usually protected areas that are under the supervision and responsibility of an agency, you must first apply for a permit to enter a conservation area.

7. Don’t go alone, do it with a team

Apart from that, the cost to go to the Jungle area is high (because the location is far away by speedboat and there is no speedboat transportation route, so you have to charter or rent) which will be lighter if the fee is shared with the team. It will be safer to go in groups, especially when there is an escort from the Jungle area supervisor. Imagine if you accidentally meet a crocodile, it’s dangerous to be alone. For team information Cancun tours