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7 Budget-friendly Vegetarian Recipes You Should Make

Living on a vegetarian diet should generally not be expensive but, the availability of these foods is low and getting them in restaurants can be, you know, really expensive.

Creating a budget can be useful, especially if your earning-spending margin is relatively low. This can help you save money for other things that you otherwise may not be able to afford. Many people seek financial assistance to get through many of their expenses and on sites like, one can find reviews about getting financial help online.

Well, in this article, you won’t be learning much about finances or how to get financial help. You’ll be learning about 7 vegetarian recipes that are affordable! Sounds great, right?

1. Cilantro-Pepita Pesto with Squash Ribbons and Fettuccine

Even though this recipe sounds a little like some spell from Hogwarts, it is super easy to prepare and budget-friendly. So, fret not.

Pesto is a gluten-free meal prepared with pine nuts and fresh basil. You can decide to use any type of nut and greens to suit your taste. You can try vegetables like arugula, kale or cilantro and nuts like pecans, almonds or pepitas. Many people use parmesan in preparing their pesto, but you get to save more money by cutting it out.

2. Sweet Potato Burrito Smothered in Avocado Salsa Verde

Avocados are very common in vegetarian recipes and they have many health benefits. Sweet potatoes are usually inexpensive and they have a high vitamin A content.

When making this dish, use gluten-free tortillas and exclude the cheese and sour cream. For flavour, you can add cumin, Mexican oregano, garlic and onion.

3. Spiced Lentil Soup

Asides from being nutritional leafy greens, lentils are very cheap ingredients. To prepare the lentil soup, you get inexpensive collard greens in vegetable broth. You can cut costs by using water in place of the vegetable broth. Dried herbs, salt and lemon are added to spice up the soup.

4. Brussels Sprouts Pizza with Balsamic Red Onions

Pizza, but make it all plant. Whole grain pizza dough is used and everything else follows as with the regular pizza, except the cheese and with the addition of sprouts and red onions.

5. Spicy Roasted Ratatouille with Spaghetti

One thing about pasta dishes — they’re easy to prepare! Most pasta-based recipes are affordable and are the comfort meal for many vegetarians. Use whole grain pasta and for a balanced meal, dish it out with an equal amount of vegetables. Skipping the parmesan also helps cut costs.

6. Lebanese Lemon-Parsley Bean Salad

Bean salads are delicious meals that make great lunches. To make your salad more complete, you can add a squeeze of lemon, sprinkle a little olive oil and load up the bowl with greens.

7. Spicy Vegan Black Bean Soup

The reason for the deep-blue-almost-black colour of black beans is the presence of anthocyanins, a flavonoid with antioxidant properties.

Black bean soup makes a nice meal to warm up in cold weather.

If you’re a vegetable enthusiast and wish to enjoy gluten-free, meatless recipes, these 7 are great for you. And sure, they can always fit into your budget.