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5 Most Popular Island Tourism in West Nusa Tenggara

The natural beauty of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) makes this province popular among tourists in Indonesia and abroad. There are also many island tourist locations from this province that are preferred among tourists for spending vacation.

The islands located in NTB have exotic views and are suitable for adventurous trip with your friends and family. What are the popular island tours in NTB? Some of them will be reviewed in our recommendations below.

5 Island Tourism Recommendations in NTB

1. Komodo Island

Komodo Island is the most famous island in NTB. There are many tourist destinations that can be visited on this island. One of them is Labuan Bajo. The fame of this tourist location has spread all over the world, even now you can depart to labuan bajo from malaysia.

There are many locations that can be visited on Komodo Island, such as Bukit Cinta, Manjerite Island, Pulau Padar and much more. Of course, tourists can also have adventures where Komodo dragons live.

2. Gili Trawangan Island

Gili Trawangan is located in the gili islands. Located off Senggigi Beach, Lombok, this tourist destination has been visited by many foreign tourists. The beauty of the beach with white sand and clear water make this place a favorite among tourists.

3. Kenawa Island

Located between the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa, Kenawa Island has a stunning beach and sea panorama. To get to the location of Kenawa Island, tourists must take a ferry from Kayangan Harbor in North Lombok to Pot Tano Harbor in Sumbawa.Then continue using a small boat to Kenawa Island. The beauty of Kenawa Island can be seen from its blue sea water and charming field of savanna. Therefore it is to be used as a good photo spot.

4. Paserang Island

Paserang Island has a clean and clear blue sea. The beauty of the underwater world is attractive so it’s a perfect place for diving and snorkeling. In addition, Lodging facilities at this location are also complete, so you don’t have to worry about lodging needs.

5. Nisa Pudu Island

Nisa Pudu Island is located in Dompu Regency, NTB. This island has white sand beaches and crystal clear sea water. This island is convenient for vacation. On top of the clear sea water, it turns out that the sea waves on the beach are very small and the water is shallow.

Therefore, many children enjoy swimming and playing on the coast of Nisa Pudu Island. Then, the island is also equipped with various kinds of trees so that it can be used as a shelter.

The five islands above have their own natural beauty. Starting from the panoramic view, beautiful scenery, until the white sandy beach. If you are having a hard time choosing which location to visit, the islands above can be your options.