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4 Things To Know Before Traveling to Argentina

Located in the Southern part of South America, Argentina is one of the top tourist destinations in the region.

The Spanish-speaking country is home to more than 40 million people. Nature there is divine and unique in its own way. There are thousands of activities and places to visit in Argentina, and today will have a virtual slice of it!

In this article, we shall look at the things everyone should know before traveling to Argentina.

1.  Safety precautions

With the Coronavirus pandemic, everything is always a big deal. Whether it is to your local grocery store or for an international vacation.

Traveling to Argentina will also mean are you have to take extra safety precautions to stay in good health.

Just like many other cities, Argentina’s streets are not safe. The crime rate tends to be high. Traveling must ensure you don’t fall victim to a robbery.

A good way to manage the safety risks that may arise is by taking insurance covers.

Traveling insurance will ensure that you get compensated for when you lose your baggage or any other risk that may attach during your travel.

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It is better to travel safely than to ruin your vacation mid-way.

2.  The right time to travel to Argentina

The next thing you need to know before traveling to Argentina is the right season to travel.

Argentina has different climate zones. This means that anytime is a great time to travel it just depends on which part of Argentina you’re planning to visit.

Argentina has Four Seasons in a year;

·        Winter

In Argentina, winter between June and August. The northern side of Argentina tends to be warm during winter while the southern side gets extremely cold.

·        Spring

(September to November.) The temperatures during spring will range from 20 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees Celsius. The temperature increases as the season progress.

·        Summer

(December to February.) The temperatures are quite warm in nose Argentina between November to March.

·        Autumn.

(March to May.) During autumn the temperature gets a bit high in the northern part of the country while the Central and Southside experiences low temperatures.

The right time to visit Argentina will therefore depend on the locations you’re visiting. Temperatures in the north of Argentina are much warmer than in the Southside.

3.  Places to visit in Argentina

·        Buenos Aires

Considerably the best time to visit Buenos Aires is during autumn or spring. It has mild temperatures perfect for a vacation.

There are a lot of activities to do in Buenos Aires such as going for an adventure or a tour of the Tigre River Delta.

·        The National Naval museum – Tigre

The National Naval museum is one of the most historic places to visit in Argentina. It features the deep history of the Argentinian military and a history of navigation.

·        Puerto Iguazu

Located in the northern part of Argentina, Puerto Iguazu is a city that welcomes you to the home of Argentina’s nature. The Iguazu Falls and the Iguazu National Park are the main tourist attractions in the area.

The Iguazu Falls is located between the provinces of Misiones in Argentina and Paraná in Brazil. It is one of the world’s widest Falls.

The best time to visit Puerto Iguazu falls during autumn is between March and April.

·        San Carlos de Bariloche

Now moving to the Southern part of Argentina is the city of San Carlos de Bariloche.

As mentioned earlier, the south is usually very cold. If you are a winter adventurer then this is for you.

The town is known for the vast majority of Winter activities. With activities such as sledding, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and many more.

It has beautiful lakes and mountains perfect for hiking.

·        El Calafate

El Calafate is a small town in Patagonia you may want to visit during your vacation in Argentina.

It is the home to the Patagonian ice Museum and the perfect location for exciting winter activities.

It is famous for the beautiful Perito Moreno Glacier one of the most iconic sceneries in the world.

The best time to visit the glacier is during summer when the temperature is more favorable.

4.  Activities to do in Argentina

Finally, there are some activities you can do to keep your body and mind in shape. To mention a few;

  • Learn the tango dance
  • Play soccer
  • Learn some Spanish
  • Horse riding
  • Snorkeling